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  • Established in 1994, Aksoy Textile started its business journey in a 800 sqm. compact factory plant by solely manufacturing bridal tulle in Istanbul –Kagithane .Nowadays, with its facilities spread to 70.000 sqm indoor space, it continues its unceasing operations of weaving, circular knitting, raschel knitting and dyeing in its Bursa and Istanbul complexes.

    By effectively adopting the principles of quality in production, internal solidarity and adaptability to the dynamism of the technology, Aksoy Textile has achieved sustainable growth in both national and international textiles industry. As a global corporation, retaining the competitive advantage for all of the products in the product mix, increasing the market share and obtaining as well as maintaining the leadership position, in the industries that are operated within, are essential and principle for Aksoy Textile.

    By the virtue of its corporate governance, dynamism, innovativeness and credibility, Aksoy Textile is an exemplary firm that influences the industry with its unique approaches and contributions to the macroeconomy of Turkey.